The comedian that invaded the stage during Kanye West's Glastonbury headline slot on Saturday has called the rapper a 'plonker'.

Speaking to NME, Simon Bodkin - who performs as a character called 'Lee Nelson' and has his own BBC3 show - said that he was responding to the people who had signed a petition against West performing at the festival. He joined the rapper on stage for a very brief spell before being forcibly removed by security. 

He joked that after he had rushed the stage, he was disappointed that the rapper continued with his show. "That was a blow for everyone. I was disappointed it was only 20 seconds as well," he said. "I thought I was doing a good job. It felt to me like Kanye was a kid who doesn't want to share."

And if you're wondering how he managed to get as far as the stage in the first place? That'd be a sheer brass neck.

"You've got to be in blagger mode," he told NME. "Walk the walk, talk the talk and get your swagger on. I felt like I should have been there. I had the attitude, that invincible walk. I boshed a load of legal highs in the toilets and just got on it. One bloke said, 'Can I see your ID please' and I just said, 'I'm about to go out on the stage. I'm about to sing' and he just let me past."

Watch the stage invasion incident below: