So there you have it, folks - the CD as a format is officially dead. Why? Because Kanye West says so.

The bigmouthed rapper posted a series of tweets yesterday that announced that he was no longer going to release albums on CD, only stream them from here on in. As part-owner of streaming service Tidal, he would say that.

In related news, West has also been speaking about his argument with Deadmau5 (or Dead-mow-five, as he calls him) to paparazzi.

He accused the DJ - real name Joel Zimmerman - of hypocrisy, after a tweet from 2013 (below) was unearthed, that saw him apparently admit to using a pirated copy of a software programme on one of his albums. Zimmerman took West to task about allegedly illegally downloading a software programme called Serum in recent weeks, leading the rapper to say: "I think there are people in the music industry, realistically, as you saw with the deadmau5 thing, where he actually said he used it before", when questioned about the feud.


Zimmerman claims that he was being 'sarcastic' at the time, but it certainly sheds new light on the situation...