Kanye West has taken down his Twitter and his Instagram accounts again, most likely because either people were paying him too much attention or not enough attention.

Either way, it wasn't the requisite amount of attention that he needs to survive and now, we're left without Kanye's stream of consciousness tweets in support of Donald Trump or about his fashion line. West has been under fire for just about anything you can imagine.

His most recent splurge of headline-grabbing statements included his belief that the 13th amendment should be abolished - which he probably intended as a critique of racial institution, and not actually calling for slavery to be made legal again.

Not only that, Kanye grabbed the mic and went on a tirade in support of Donald Trump on last week's episode of 'SNL' where he was a musical guest - all of which was pretty much booed by the audience. All of this comes just a few months after Kanye went on TMZ and declared that "slavery was a choice", which prompted huge backlash.

Of course, all of this is most likely Kanye trying to soak up the attention and the press coverage for his upcoming album, 'Yandhi', which he's pushed back to November 23rd. For now anyway, be thankful for the absence of Kanye West's bullshit on Twitter - even if you've unfollowed him.