Justin Timberlake has given us a surprise new song in ‘SoulMate’ which, unlike the base-heavy, Spanish-lyric-incorporating, house or Calvin Harris tunes which tend to be the typical summer anthems on offer, is relatively mellow.

Indeed it’s as applicable to dancing in a club as it is to chilling by the pool and is thus perfect for the season.

The singer dropped the new track yesterday, just one day before the Independence Day celebrations will be kicking off stateside. The song marks a departure from the more country vibes of ‘Man in the Woods’ and is the first new music from Timberlake since he dropped that fifth solo album of the same name.

Since the start of the year, Timberlake has released music videos for the singles ‘Supplies’ and ‘Say Something.’

He got mixed reception for his ‘duet’ with Prince at the Super Bowl halftime show back in February.

Timberlake is currently touring on his Man of the Woods tour, which extends all the way into January 2019. He intends on producing new music even in the midst of touring the world so expect to hear more bangers like ‘SoulMate’ in the coming months.