Pop tyke restrained by security after attempting to seize fans camera after having picture taken of him.

Justin Bieber's awkward, anti-social, anti-authority phase looks like it's showing no sign of abating after the singer has found himself in the sights of yet another police investigation - including a potential charge of attempted robbery - for attempting to grab a fan's mobile phone post-photograph. Classy.

Justin and his totally-just-platonic friend Selena Gomez were hanging out at an arcade at the weekend (aww) when a nearby fan took it upon himself to document the occasion, which obviously didn't go down terribly well with the Canadian and he quote-unquote "lunged" at the guy before being restrained by his burly security staff.

Police were indeed notified but, as his wont these days, Bieber high-tailed it before they showed up. TMZ quotes sources within the local authorities which state that the fan wants Biebs charged for attempted battery, attempted theft and, weirdest of all, attempted robbery.

While this all seems like a bit of nonsense (and it is, let's face it) the peculiar criminal system in place in the States could potentially come down on Bieber quite hard as he is currently on probation for egging his neighbour's house and could literally do jail time for this.

To take a serious tone for a moment, whatever your feelings on Bieber are he's probably getting treated a little unfairly here. There's no way that anyone other than one of the world's most famous pop stars would have the police called on them for attempting to delete photographs taken against his will by someone. Heck, I could have had my girlfriend arrested about a dozen times by now if that were grounds for police intervention.

Let's just hope that we get another hilarious Justin Bieber deposition video out of this and leave it at that.