Galway gal Julie Feeney is a self-styled and self-managed composer and instrumentalist. To date the 27-year-old has mastered some 9 instruments, played with the National Chamber Choir of Ireland, worked as a professional choral singer, performed globally in various capacities and even does some modelling work. Her debut album, 13 Songs, sees her using her many talents to great effect and reigning in her skills on the keyboards, alto recorder, treble recorder, accordion, violin, harmonica and xylophone, amongst others. However, it is her voice which is her most impressive noise maker; something of a more modern and comprehensible Enya - at her best (Aching, Judas, Under My Skin) she is clear, haunting, lucid and massively refreshing, however at her worst (Ficticious Richard) she is bizarrely awful. That said, Feeney's first album is an intriguing accomplishment. Most of her themes revolve around broken hearts and past hurts, though at times, particularly You Broke The Magic and Wasting, wander into dull territory; bland musical arrangements and uninspiring schoolgirlish lyrics. You get the feeling she is holding back something important and the album suffers from this underlying self-restraint. Hopefully for the next one she will expand her word power and get primal with her emotions. Still, this is a pretty and interesting collective with flashes of something ethereal.