Almost a quarter of a century after his death, it's hard to imagine there's anything worth hearing left in the John Lennon archives. Amazingly enough, however, this collection of acoustic home demos is not quite the barrel-scraping exercise you might have imagined. The songs here are mostly from the Plastic Ono band-era, a time when Lennon had renounced his Beatles past and was concentrating on getting in touch with his inner child. Thankfully, he hadn't yet lost his ear for a great melody - and the home-made quality of these recordings is oddly suited to the soul-baring nature of such well-known songs such as 'God', 'Love' and 'My Mummy's Dead'. Rather less successful are the political tracks, which are ham-fisted enough in their proper settings and here just sound embarrassingly naive. So, Acoustic is really only for the hardened fan - but this time at least, they needn't feel too short-changed.