At last - a posthumous album that can be recommended without reservation. The terrible tragedy of Joe Strummer's death this year is underlined by Streetcore, a record which suggests that he was finally beginning to produce his best work since the heyday of the Clash. Completed by his backing band the Mescaleros, it's essentially a piecemeal affair, taking in everything from ragged country-blues to pulsating reggae-rock. It's all unified by Strummer's gritty lyricism and doughty spirit, however, and with lyrical nods to both 'London's Burning' and 'London Calling', there's a real sense of him trying to evoke the spirit his old band. Too many highlights to mention, but perhaps the best is a reworking of an old Bobby Charles song retitled 'Silver and Gold', in which Strummer confesses: "I've got to hurry up before I grow too old." The poignancy is unbearable - but don't buy Streetcore just to honour a great man's memory. Buy it because it's a fine album in its own right.