We've all been subjected to annoying neighbours at one time or another, but when your neighbourly feud is played out in such a public manner, the stakes are a little higher.

A long-running beef between Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams - who own mansions beside each other in London's Holland Park - has taken yet another turn in recent days, after Page protested the pop star's proposed building of an underground gym and pool.

The initial problem stemmed from Page complaining to the local council about the noise levels of renovation work that Williams was having done to his home. Williams was fined several thousand pounds for the interruption and was understandably not happy about it, accusing Page of essentially spying on him by 'sitting in his car outside our house, four hours at a time' and speculating that he had a 'mental illness'. He later apologised for the comments.

However, this latest installment in the saga isn't likely to build any bridges between the pair - as although Williams claims that the proposed construction "will result in absolute minimal impact”, Page's claim that it will cause "undue disturbances" to his own property has cause the council to hold off on approving plans. Page said he was "really pleased at the outcome.”

Lads... can't we all just get along? A collaboration, perhaps? A cover of the 'Neighbours' theme tune? Anything?