The 63-year-old was the voice behind hits 'Burning Heart', 'The Moment of Truth' and the Baywatch theme song 'I'm Always There'

Jimi Jamison, singer with one of the most popular rock outfits of the 80's, has died from a heart attack at the age of 63 as confirmed by his booking manager. Jamison was the singer for iconic 80's group Survivor from 1984 to 1988.

Although his time in the band was brief, Jamison (centre in above picture) was responsible for some of the band's biggest hits. He possessed an innate ability to record the type of fist-clenching power ballads which were so popular in the 80's, with several of his songs being used as the soundtrack to montage sequences in the classic movies like The Karate Kid and Rocky IV.

One of the songs he'll most be remembered for is the Baywatch theme 'I'm Always Here', a show which was staple viewing for teenage boys in the early 1990's.

Jamison became singer for Survivor after the band's initial frontman David Bickler (who sang 'Eye of the Tiger') was forced to pull out of the group after developing polyps on his vocal chords.

Jamison recorded three albums with the band but tensions became frayed in the 90's when the remaining members of Survivor resumed touring with Bickler. Despite this, Jamison continued performing under the Survivor banner, causing lengthy legal battles.

All parties made up in recent years though and began touring together, Jamison and Bickler included. They last performed in California on Saturday of last week.

(via Rolling Stone