Cab driver, fashion model, snake handler, junkie - Jim White has been there, done it all and come through with some great stories to tell. It's this personal experience that gives his songs an unusually raw power, gothic fairy-tales whispered against a murky musical backdrop of country, soul and funk. White's lyrics may not always make literal sense, but they're full of unforgettable imagery that brilliantly evoke the sleazy underbelly of America's Deep South. And his deadpan reflections on travel and religion - or, in the case of the sublime 'If Jesus Drove a Motor Home', both - are frequently hilarious. Fellow eccentrics Joe Henry and Barenaked Ladies make guest appearances here, but the real revelation is a brooding duet with Aimee Mann that's got cult classic written all over it. Don't expect to see Jim White at the Grand 'Ol Opry any time soon - but do make sure to get acquainted with his remarkable music as quickly as possible.