Jennifer Lopez is a hard woman to like. It's not so much that she thinks she's an equally brilliant actress and singer, or that she travels with a security entourage that makes George Bush look like an easy target. No, what's really annoying is the way she keeps insisting that, beneath it all, she's still just the down to earth, girl next door type. So, even though her heavily-hyped new album is basically a pretty good collection of Spanish-tinged R'n'B, J-Lo still comes across as a mid-league talent who's gotten way out of her depth. A host of top-name producers (Timbaland, Usher) have been drafted in to provide the big dancefloor singles here, and their jerky rhytyms do the job well enough. But there's also far too much filler like (Can't Believe) This is Me, a truly awful ballad sneering at her ex-fiance Ben Affleck, co-written by her new husband Marc Anthony. Frankly, life is too short.