As Gary Barlow and Stephen Gately could tell you, boybands tend to spawn just one successful solo career. JC Chasez, however, is confident he can buck the trend. Undaunted by having to follow in the footsteps of his 'N Sync colleague Justin Timberlake, the young smoothie has made his own bid for glory with this slick, if somewhat sleazy R'n'B album. Presumably fed up with his wholesome image, Chasez has ditched his old pop sound in favour of deep, sensuous grooves and slinky, Prince-like vocals. If the lyrics are anything to go by, he clearly spends a healthy amount of his spare time between the sheets, and his conquests needn't expect him to respect them in the morning ('Skip the breakfast tea for two, We have no plans to rendezvous'). JC's voice is certainly stronger than Justin's boyish squeak, and for the most part Schizophrenic is an entertaining listen. But in the personality stakes, there can only be one winner - and it's not the guy singing here.