After a huge amount of fanfare, pomp and circumstance, Tidal is now beginning to hits its stride.

At least that's according to Jay-Z AKA Mr. Beyonce Knowles, who took to Twitter to to defend the nascent streaming platform.

Over the course of several tweets, Jay Z laid down some facts about Tidal, its current status and just how different it is from its competitors - namely Spotify.

The self-professed genius - no, that's actually on his Twitter bio - says that the streaming service gives 75% of royalties to its artists, writers and producers.

That amount is in stark contrast to Spotify, who reportedly only pay 0.007 cents per stream. In one month of streaming, Taylor Swift's Shake It Off netted her between $280,000 and $390,000 for 46 MILLION streams.

As for Tidal's future, Jay Z says that they're in it for the long haul and have no plans to go anywhere. In fact, a new spinoff of the service, Tidal X, is devoted solely to emerging talent. Jay Z went on to discuss how one of his cousins left for Africa to find new artists for the service.

Concerning the recent negative press Tidal's been getting, Jay was quick to point out that the service is "pro-fans" and that a million dollar smear campaign has been launched to undermine them.

Here's his tweets in full.


Via Twitter