Whether or not you're a fan of James Blunt's music, you can't argue with the fact that on Twitter, he is a genius.

His witty responses and put-downs of the various people lining up to take a pop at him are often genuinely hilarious, and he struck gold again over the weekend with another one.

If you watched the Royal Wedding, you may have seen the pop singer (who is a friend of Prince Harry) in attendance alongside the likes of fellow musicians Elton John, Marcus Mumford et al, and various other celebs from George Clooney to James Corden.

Of course, one Twitter user @zoeinthesky had to ask the inevitable 'Who invited James Blunt to the Royal Wedding?, and Blunt's response was spot-on. Well, duh.

Her tweet has now been deleted - presumably after thousands of people laughed at Blunt's comeback - but his reply was a classic, nonetheless...