It seems astonishing that James Blunt has released a second album; then again, it's equally baffling that he's managed to dine out on godawful debut Back to Bedlam (2004) for so long. Either way, both detractors and fans alike will be unsurprised to hear that All the Lost Souls is more of the same insipid, soulless swill that its predecessor tendered. It seems like Blunt is desperate to be considered a songwriter of the calibre of James Taylor or early Cat Stevens; but he has neither the writing talent nor voice to be worthy of such a distinction. 'Why don't you give me some love, I've taken a shitload of drugs' he thrums in Feeling-throwoff Give Me Some Love, while Annie actually contains the line 'Annie, won't you go down on me'. Musically, Blunt fails to diversify from his usual morose piano ballad/guitar pop fare - although he does sidestep the prosaic, to a degree, with the edgier I'll Take Anything. This is music-by-numbers at its worst, though; soulless, puerile and patronising pop masquerading as something intelligent and sophisticated. Avoid.