Irish tech start-up Fan Footage are currently enjoying the significant fruits of their labour after collaborating with one of the world's most popular bands Linkin Park to shoot a live video of the band's concert in Milan,  with the help of more than 1,500 of the fans in attendance. Watch the clip above.

Fans at the concert were encouraged to shoot a video for the band's song 'Until It's Gone' on their camera phone (or whatever device they had in their pockets!) and upload the file to the Fan Footage event video crowdsourcing platform, where they were automatically synced with a professional live sound recording of the performance. FanFootage created one epic video edit using the best of the fan uploads, and all of the individual fan videos can be watched on the innovative interactive video player at

"We have achieved two things with this collaboration with Linkin Park", said Fan Footage CEO and co-founder Cathal Furey. "[We] set a new record for number of fan videos uploaded from a single live performance, and shown how fan filming can be harnessed positively by bands to create amazing video content together."

"The FanFootage project enables fans to use crowd-sourced content in an easy, creative and interactive way", Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda added.  "The only difficult part was that I had to give them instructions in Italian for the first time! Thankfully, they understood what I was saying, and uploaded tons of great videos of our performance for everyone to play and share."

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