The Pop Idol phenomenon proves that having a great voice doesn't automatically mean you'll make great records. Ian Brown, meanwhile, proves that the opposite is also true. The former Stone Roses leader rarely sings in anything other than a Mancunian whine or a sinister mumble, but somehow the man's sheer charisma make his technical shortcomings completely irrelevant. Solarised finds the artist known as King Monkey in vintage form, a brooding collection of cosmic rock that sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a Madchester post-rave comedown. Brown's pseudo-mystical lyrics are certainly a bit on the pretentious side, but they suit the music's psychedelic ambience perfectly, and that's what counts. There's even a spirited contribution from celebrity mate Noel Gallagher, 'Keep What Ya Got', that manages to recall the swagger of early Oasis. A welcome comeback from one of indie music's last remaining mavericks.