After what feels like years in the doldrums, the British nu-metal scene is finally beginning to show some signs of life. Welsh outfit Lostprophets are leading the mini-revival, but this excellent second album from Hundred Reasons shows that the competition is getting hotter all the time. These five lads from Surrey are essentially an abrasive hard rock band, who specialise in the kind of headbanging tunes tailor-made for jumping up and down to in stadiums. What really marks them out from the crowd, however, is Colin Doran, a singer so in touch with his feelings he could probably slot into Belle and Sebastian without too much difficuly. Alternating between a raspy growl and a feminine wail, it's Doran's magnificent voice that gives this record an extraordinary cathartic power. Silly title apart, this is quite simply one of the best rock albums we're likely to get this year.