Last week, we brought you a clip of musician Chilly Gonzales accusing Wicklow musician Hozier of plagiarism after he claimed that his hit 'Take Me to Church' was essentially a rip-off of Feist's 'How Come You Never Go There?'

Now, it has emerged that Hozier is taking legal action against Gonzales.

According to a report in yesterday's Sunday Times - and following on from a report in The Times (Ireland) earlier in the week - Andrew Hozier-Byrne has lodged a defamation case in the High Court.

His manager Caroline Downey told The Times that Gonzales's allegations were "groundless".

The offending clip, which was filmed as a 'music masterclass' for German radio station 1Live, saw Gonzales claim: "I'm being told by the research staff that Feist's track came out well over a year before Hozier's. Doesn't look so good does it? 'Take Me To Church'? Maybe Feist should take him to court".  It has since been removed from YouTube.