Several artists will take part in hmv and Xtra-Vision's forthcoming 'Summer Salute' tour, which will see free in-store performances in various locations around the country.

Ryan Sheridan, who releases his new album 'Here and Now' later this month, will play a number of in-stores and sign albums on the below dates:

28th August, 1pm | Gig/Signing | hmv Henry street

29th August, 5pm | Gig/Signing | Xtra-vision Wexford

30th August, 4pm
| Busking | Xtra-vision Monaghan

31st August, 1pm | Busking | hmv Galway

31st August, 4pm | Gig/ Signing | hmv Limerick

2nd September, 2pm | Gig/Signing | hmv Liffey Valley

2nd September, 5pm | Gig/Signing | hmv Dundrum

3rd September, 1pm | Gig/Signing | hmv Grafton Street (subject to licence)


X Factor band Only the Young will also play the following dates:

7th August, 2pm | Single Signing | hmv Dundrum

8th August, 2pm | Single Signing | hmv Belfast


While the inimitable Mary Coughlan will play this weekend:

8th August, 1pm | Gig/Signing | hmv Dundrum