We're just ten short days away from the biggest festival of the season and with that Electric Picnic have announced their environmentally friendly measures to make sure that the 2015 festival is the greenest one yet. And if you have your wits about you, you could make some cold hard cash while you're at it too.

'How?' you ask? Well the Picnic's 'cup deposit scheme' is back with a vengence to encourage Picnickers to be more wary of their empties and considerate of the environment during their stay in Stradbally. A 20c deposit is being introduced on all plastic glasses sold at the bars which will be fully refundable if returned to the deposit banks positioned adjacent to the three main bars located in the arena, which will go from there to be recycled by a company in Monaghan where they are shredded and sold on as fibres to a company in Cavan for use in the making of fleeces.

This means that you can refund as you come and go to the bar to keep your pockets balanced, or if you're of the more entrepreneurial mind, you can pick up all the plastic cups abandoned by careless and less considerate Picnickers and earn some cash towards your next drink or snack. And if you're really up for it, you can always try and pick up 1,100 of the bad boys and earn your ticket to next years festival.

Other initiatives at this year's Picnic include the B.Y.E. Eco Campsite, which offers a cleaner space for campers where all rubbish is separated and then used to make eco-friendly art; the Every Can Counts campaign, which will reward people who bring their cans to the designated bins with tokens that in turn lead to the chance to win prizes including tickets to next year's Picnic; the return of the Greencrafts and Global Green areas and plenty more.

So embrace your inner Planeteer and save the environment (and yourself a few bob while you're at it).