If you have Shazam installed on your phone, you'll be fully aware of just what a handy little app it really is.

It's saved us from driving ourselves mad trying to figure out the name of a song on more than one occasion (not to mention protected our 'muso' status when someone's asked the name of the obscure song playing in a pub. Shneaky trip to the bar for quick Shazam, and you're hailed as the Oracle once more.)

From now on, we'll be bringing you the Top 10 Most Shazamed Songs in Ireland on a weekly basis, providing an interesting insight into not only what Irish people are listening to, but the songs they're most intrigued by.

There are also some interesting inclusions in the list - such as Jasmine Thompson's cover of Macy Gray's 'I Try', released in 2016. Wondering why such an old song has made the chart? Well, it was used recently on 'Love Island', which explains it.

You'll find the most recent chart (w/c July 9th) below...

10. Kygo & Imagine Dragons - 'Born to Be Yours'

9. Years & Years - 'If You're Over Me'

8. Cheat Codes & Little Mix - 'Only You'

7. Jasmine Thompson - 'I Try'

6. Wild Youth - 'Can't Move On'

5. George Ezra - 'Shotgun'

4. Jonas Blue feat. Jack & Jack - 'Rise'

3. Clean Bandit feat. Demi Lovato - 'Solo'

2. Dennis Lloyd - 'Nevermind'

1. 5 Seconds of Summer - 'Youngblood'