In the absence of Music Editor John Balfe, I'm taking the liberty of featuring some One Direction news today, because let's face it, most of you (well maybe just the ladies) are interested where Harry Styles is concerned. (Apologies John.) This week Styles, one fifth of Simon Cowell's boyband of the moment, has made headlines three times: once for dumping his cougar girlfriend Caroline Flack (she's almost 15 years older than him), twice for turning 18 (we can now perve on him in peace) and now it's the story that their label wants him, not Liam, to front the band as they try to crack the States.

Having just touched down in LA, the 5 teenagers were greeted by a sea of overly emotional female fans. Supporting Big Time Rush on their US Tour, the boys are proving just as popular in America as they are on this side of the Atlantic. And as if Styles' mop of curls don't make his head big enough already, it has been reported by a source that "Columbia music execs are rubbing their hands with glee. It looks like One Direction are going to be absolutely massive in America. They decided long ago that Harry is a natural frontman. He's funny, confident and has a great voice."

However, while this is sure to give Harry a bit of a boost since breaking up with Flack (although judging by this pic, he doesn't seem to give a toss) a close friend of the lads has said they - Liam and the rest - are far from enthused by the idea and want things to continue as normal.

"They are determined to carry on the way they have been – without a lead singer. Harry certainly hasn't asked for all this attention."

Something tells me this may trigger somewhat of a Gary/Robbie situation between Harry and Liam in the forseeable future. A fall out, a break up, a reunion, an emotional teaming up as guest celebrity judges on X Factor 2019... We watch with baited breath.

Caroline Foran