Remember Lindy Layton? Yes you do! She was the one who sang 'Dub be Good To Me' with Beats International. Now's she's teamed up with an ex - Drum'n'bass DJ called Stevie P to produce a semi-techno synthesised product which begins with a sample stating 'There is no school tougher than the school of hard knocks'. Sound like a recipie for disaster? That's what I thought, until I listened to it and discovered it was excellent - dark, edgy, energetic and overpowering. The first track, 'Coz I can', tears off into things like a soundtrack to a nuclear war, things develop from there. The penultimate track, 'Ain't Going Down', is a quasi-Portishead dubbed-up vehicle for Layton's understated vocal talents. This is the album Norman Cook would write in jail.