The Hanson brothers have a bit of a problem - they were so successful as teenyboppers, it's hard to take them seriously now that they've grown up. And in any case, it's hard to see why you'd prefer the more 'mature' rock sound of Underneath to the gloriously disposable candy-pop of their 1997 smash hit 'Mmmbop'. All that said, this is by no means a bad album. Bright, breezy and eminently tuneful, these are the kind of cheerfully bland rockers that Billy Joel or Elton John could probably write in their sleep. The production is suitably glossy and the vocals of Taylor (always the most obviously talented of the trio) have a yearning, wistful quality that stays just the right side of whiny. Their massive fanbase will probably be delighted - but frankly, Hanson's new identity is not nearly as convincing as they obviously want it to be.