You may think that an album by the likes of a legend like Michael Jackson, Bing Crosby, Elvis or Stevie Wonder may have claimed the title of 'America's Best-Selling Christmas Album', but you'd be wrong.

Maybe a big pop star like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, then? Or Phil Spector's classic 'A Christmas Gift for You' compilation?


The best-selling Christmas album ever in America is 'Miracles: The Holiday Album', by cheesy saxophonist and butt of many hipster jokes, Kenny G.

The album has sold 7.3 million copies since its release twenty years ago in 1994.

Josh Groban ranks second, with 5.71 million copies of 'Noel', while Mariah Carey rounds out the top 3 with 5.37 million sales of 'Merry Christmas'.

The top ten in full is:

1. Kenny G - 'Miracles: The Holiday Album' - 7.3 million

2. Josh Groban - 'Noel' - 5.71 million

3. Mariah Carey - 'Merry Christmas' - 5.37 million

4. Celine Dion - 'These Are Special Times' - 5.31 million

5. Mannheim Steamroller - 'Christmas in the Aire' - 3.74 million

6. Mannheim Steamroller - 'Fresh Aire Christmas' - 3.66 million

7. Mannheim Steamroller - 'Christmas Album' - 3.5 million

8. Various Artists - 'Now That's What I Call Christmas!' - 3.48 million

9. Trans Siberian Orchestra - 'Christmas Eve and Other Stories' - 3.43 million

10. Vince Guaraldi Trio - 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' - 3.41 million