You can imagine that a lock of John Lennon's hair might fetch a pretty penny, given how he is arguably the most famous member of the biggest band of all time.

How much do you reckon you might get for it? €2000? €5000? 

Nope - a 'substantial lock' of the late Beatle's hair, which dates from 1966, is being auctioned in the States and bidding is currently at $12,000 (€10,600) with 10 days still to go.

It was cut from his mane during filming of 1966 movie 'How I Won the War', and pocketed by his hairdresser Klaus Baruck. "The overall length of the lock is approximately 4" and likely contains hundreds of strands," the listing reads.

The winning bid will also receive a call sheet from the movie.

Pic via Entertainment.Ha.Com