It may be time to root around the attic for that old U2 setlist you think you might still have because odds are it's worth a pretty penny.

A Nirvana setlist from a gig they played in Glasgow in 1991 has fetched more than €7,000 at Bonham's Auction House after what was described as a "heated battle between two bidders". The list, written in black pen by drummer Dave Grohl and taped to the stage beside Kurt Cobain's microphone, has a series of footprints on it presumably from Cobain and contains a series of Nirvana hits such as 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', 'Lithium', 'Polly' and 'About A Girl'.

As per the item's listing from Bonham Auction House: "Other notable lots included a Nirvana handwritten set list which sold for £5,625 after a battle between two telephone bidders. The set list, written in black marker-pen by Dave Grohl, was taped to the stage by Kurt Cobain’s mic stand during a Nirvana performance in Glasgow in 1991 and is complete with dirty footprints from the sole of a trainer along the bottom edge where Cobain possibly stood. According to the vendor who was at the Glasgow concert, at the end of the gig he asked a member of Security for the set list which the guard ripped from the stage next to Kurt's mic stand."