The guitar John Lennon used to write 'Paperback Writer' back in 1966 is up for grabs.

Those of you endowed with swollen wallets could get yourselves a little piece of music history later this month when John Lennon's Gretsch 6120 goes on the auction block in London next month.

The guitar, which Lennon used to write the Beatles' classic song 'Paperback Writer', will be auctioned off at Le Meridien Hotel in Piccadilly on November 23rd and is expected to fetch over a quarter of a million euro.

Lennon gifted the guitar to his cousin David Birch in 1967 when, as Birch explained to the Telegraph, he cheekily asked Lennon for one of his spare guitars as he wanted to form a band.

"I had my eye on a blue Fender Stratocaster that was lying in the studio but John suggested the Gretsch and gave it to me as we were talking."

Lennon used the guitar the previous year in Abbey Road studios to record 'Paperback Writer', a song which ended up on the Beatles' 'Revolver' album.

The bidding for the guitar begins on November 14th, so it might be a good idea to call in any debts that you're owed if you're looking to get your mitts on a genuine piece of music history.