It's happened to many a musician in the past (see also: Dave Grohl, The Edge), and it'll surely happen to many a musician in the future - but for the impartial observer, watching someone falling off stage is a mixture of amusement, embarassment and concern.

Luckily for Gorillaz, rapper Del the Funky Homosapien was okay after his tumble mid-song at Danish festival Roskilde on Saturday, but it did mean that the band had to cut their set short.

Footage shows the band performing 'Clint Eastwood' as Del rapped the first verse before falling - and when Damon Albarn realises what's happened, he tells the crowd: "Thank you so much for a beautiful, beautiful night. Unfortunately, we’ve had a… I don’t know yet.”

Luckily, it was the band's last song of the evening anyway, and Del tweeted an update from the hospital telling fans that he was "doing alright but will be in the hospital for a bit".



Watch it below: