Beyoncé could be set to repeat the same stunt that she used to release her last album by surprise-releasing her new one next month.

Reports suggest that the pop star will release her sixth album in the immediate aftermath of her performance with Coldplay at the Superbowl halftime show on February 7th.

Of course, if the above is true it's not going to much of a 'surprise' - but in any case, news of an new imminent album by Beyoncé is always good news. Her last album, 2013's 'Beyonce', was released in a similar manner without any prior announcement.

The Sun also claim that the album will be promoted with a world tour and that the album was been ready since the end of last year - but the release has been held back so as not to clash with the Adele mania that took over the music world from November onwards.

They quote an insider as saying "Beyonce doesn’t have the pressure of releasing an album and is doing bits here and there because she and her team know it is Adele’s time to shine. The last few months have been all about her comeback.

"Now Adele’s sales are starting to die down, Beyonce is ready to drop her album at any time. But there's a very strong chance the announcement could happen during the Super Bowl next month."