Godflesh was formed in 1988 by ex-Napalm Death guitarist and Head of David drummer Justin Broadrick and bassist G.C. Green. The band's sound has been tagged as grindcore, with its heavy, ultra-detuned guitars and bass and plodding tempos. Industrial and experimental influences are also easy to spot in the drum machine and various noises, effects, and tape loops; depending on the album, the group's sound may run either way. Godflesh chiefly makes mood music, and the mood is one of intense, depressed rage. The group's discography is rather tangled, with various singles and EPs out in addition to albums like 1992's Pure, 1996's Songs of Love and Hate and 1999's Us and Them. Broadrick has drawn praise from the musical community for his unique guitar playing and musical style and has been hailed as a major innovator. He is also a member of Final and Techno Animal.