Louis Walsh has recently hinted that this will be Girls Aloud's last album and that Nadine Coyle will soon begin a solo career. After listening to Chemistry, you'll probably feel like asking - what on earth is he thinking of? This is the Girls' best offering yet, overflowing with pop hooks, sassy production and choruses just waiting to take up permanent residence in your head. True, Nadine is the star and takes most of the lead vocals, but half the fun comes from the group's gang mentality, making their music sound like the perfect soundtrack to a girls' night out. Ignore the slightly silly lyrics about how hard it is being rich and famous - the sheer exuberance of the music proves that they're really enjoying themselves as much as ever, and it's hard to believe that this is their swan song. After all, Chemistry is almost entertaining enough to make you think that TV talent shows are actually a pretty good idea.