Don't let the album's title, the fact that they hail from the OC, or cutesy cat impressions towards the end of the opening track lead you up a sunshine and lollipop strewn garden path. Annie Hardy and Micah Calabrese's debut album could only be deemed bubblegum grunge when heard initially. The caramel vocals over a guitar, a drumbeat and a synth bass lure you in - and then you feel sullied by what you've been nodding along to. Track 4, 'yflmd' (an acronym for a revelation I can't repeat here), sees Hardy murmur "you're just like my father." A worrying revelation given this is by far my favourite track. The simple repetitive riff, coupled with a well orchestrated and undeniably sexy delivery is reminiscent of the Breeders. It is instantly captivating. The same can be said for 'High Friends in Places'. In parts though their homage to Deal goes awry, what with the random mewings and the "I'm just so darn kooky" gurglings at the end of 'Kevin is Gay' (I immediately perceived it as an inferior rip off of Kim's ponderings at the beginning of Pixie track "I'm Amazed").But that is but a small fault to find in what is otherwise a rough diamond of a debut album.