Festival season has arrived, so let’s try fill your bag with more than just impractical stuff that you won’t use at all. Here are some genuinely useful items that ourselves and the Gum Litter Taskforce have put together to keep you covered.


Good socks

Please do not underestimate the importance of a solid pair of socks. Don’t go raiding the ‘Great Outdoors’ now, your Dad probably has loads.


Resealable sandwich bags

Let’s throwback to primary school here. Remember those plastic bags your ham sambos would live in? Your phone, wallet, and anything else you want to keep dry lives there now.


Bring an Extra Hoodie

Look, we know you want a good night’s sleep, but pillows are bulky and will take up way too much space in your already packed bag. Instead, pack some comfy hoodies, roll em’ up and boom, you're as comfy as can be.


For the love of God...

Don’t forget your toothbrush. Festival mornings are not of this world. They can be pretty grim but there is honestly no better feeling than brushing the session away the next morning. You’ll thank us for this one.


Hay fever be gone!

Now, if you are one of the unlucky ones like us, once pollen is a foot you cannot function. So, if you are prone to swollen eyes and sneezing your nose off - bring antihistamines.


Bring some vitamin C

If you need some help coming back to life in the morning, an easy way to put some extra pep in your step is some vitamin C. It helps with hydration and energy throughout the day too so it’s sure to help keep you going.


Ain’t nothing like a black sack

One of the first things you need to do once you get to your new temporary home is install an environmentally friendly regime. Hang up a bin bag and keep your party plateau clean. No one wants your chewing gum stuck to their tent or in their glitter beards, so bin it.


Preserve hand sanity

Hand sanitizer is the business. Especially at festivals where, at any given moment, you may need a quick bit of disinfecting. Just don’t put your hands in your mouth straight after using it.


A poncho not made of shopping bags

We all pray to the sun god before festivals but let’s be real, no matter what the forecast says, chances are, it could rain. So be prepared. A good poncho is a seriously worthwhile investment and can definitely be used after the fact. This is one soaked item you won’t want to leave behind and should be available in any outdoors store.


Bring a brick

This one is hardly a well-kept secret, but bringing an old phone can be a serious good call. We know you want to upload all the pics you took with your brand-new iPhone X but is a few likes worth potentially losing/breaking it? You decide.

If you want to learn more about leaving no trace with your gum while on the streets or at a festival, head on over to www.gumlittertaskforce.ie.