is currently hosting a press conference in which the country music singer is answering numerous questions about the cancelled Croke Park concerts.

The singer has suggested that he would come over to Ireland this weekend and beg to Enda Kenny to allow the concerts to take place, saying: "if the Prime Minister wants to talk to me I will swim, crawl over there this weekend...and drop on my knees and beg". The singer then reaffirmed his stance that he wouldn't consider playing just three of the shows at the expense of 160,000 ticket-buying customers who wouldn't be able to attend.

The singer also criticised the Irish system for event planning and management, saying: "You can't talk about a future with Ireland until their system works." He then suggested allowing the five shows to proceed as booked and then "fix" the system after that. He added, "I'm the real loser in this."

Brooks also announced a new partnership with Sony Nashville, a new album and full tour - with further information to be released on that in July.

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