Get yerselves wrapped up well and out to Dublin Airport, because Garth Brooks is rumoured to be coming to town! Well, if you had a play penned in your honour which is currently running in the Gaiety, you'd make sure you were there, wouldn't you?

'Are You There Garth? It’s Me, Margaret', which was inspired by Crokergate (don't mention the war), is due to run until October 25th and stars Deirdre O'Kane as the titular character. 

According to the show's creator, Darren Smith, "He knows about the show and we have been told he’s very interested and wants to come and see it. I wouldn’t be stunned at all if we had a special visitor in a Stetson next week. Aside from the genuine interest he has, it would be a great PR move by him after what happened. It would warm the hearts and minds of Irish people to see Garth in the audience." Not to mention great PR for the play itself.

The Irish Mirror reports that "there is growing talk that Garth himself will come to the show either next Tuesday or Thursday. His regular driver in Ireland has been put on standby and he is on a break from his tour." 

Of her role in the play, O'Kane said: "Ireland has changed a lot even since last Summer. Margaret is a woman who is struggling financially after her husband lost his job. For her the concerts symbolise a chance to be free from the seven years of recession endured. There’s one monologue where she talks of time passing like pulling a thread. As a mother, I see also how the days go by super-fast. You have to be up, you have to be out, you have to keep going."