Oh look, Garth Brooks is STILL talking about the Croke Park thing, great. 

You might have packed away your stetson and decided that you need to leave it in the past and moved on, but just as you thought you were getting over it, there's been another addition to the saga that is the Croke Park/Garth Brooks debacle, as he stated that he really did want to play here and it was a terrible blow when all the concerts were cancelled. 

By now, you all surely know how it went down, what with the five concerts being cancelled and 400,000 people ending up very disappointed, but they ought to make that figure 400,001, because none of you were as upset as Garth was, by all accounts. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, he said "I'm not trying to be dramatic, but my wife would sit here and tell you, ‘I've never seen him ache like that for anything other than loss of family.’ I mourned that and I still am, to tell the truth. Hurts like hell".

He also apparently had tears in his eyes, but he also said that he still wants to play in Ireland and that he loves his concerts here: "It was always the place where you couldn't start a song, two words and it’s gone, they’re taking over. That’s the way music should be. When you hear them singing your stuff in Croke Park, it’s like heaven".

Via The Daily Telegraph