It's been several years in the making, but Future Kings of Spain, having witnessed the malevolent, ugly underbelly of the music industry, have finally released their sophomore effort. Most of Nervousystem's songs have been doing the rounds since shortly after the Dubliners' eponymous debut was released in 2003, but troublesome legal wrangles with ex-label Red Flag prevented the material from seeing the light of day. In a way, it's obvious that these particular songs have tread a well-worn path; FKOS's straightforward alternative-rock leanings sound familiar almost to the point of inconspicuousness. Luckily, there are a good dose of amiable tracks here that lift proceedings above and beyond the mundane for the most part. Smattered with guitars that wouldn't sound amiss on a reworking of Doolittle or Ash's 1977, and attitudal drawls/throaty yelps weirdly reminiscent of both Dave Grohl and Ryan Adams, Nervousystem isn't an immediately-striking collection of songs - although there are several obvious standouts (namely the gorgeously-rounded Syndicate, the languid, summery bounce of Kick In the Teeth and the warm, jittery clamour of Chemical Burn). It is, however, predominantly straightforward in its intentions; there are no affected imitations or pretentious embellishments here. At worst, Nervousystem is a customary display of semi-enjoyable alt-rock; at best, an occasionally-impressive sophomore effort by a band who may yet craft a masterpiece. This isn't it - but it's a decent stopgap.