Every Friday, we'll have a fun pop quiz on what's been happening in the world of music every week.

Who turns down an opportunity to assume a smug sense of self-importance by out-scoring your friends and colleagues on pop trivia? If you've been glued to our Music News section this week, this will be easy-peasy. If not, well, you know what to do next week.

We'll post the answers here on Monday morning.

Good luck!


1) What American pop star was this week confirmed as the half-time entertainment for next year's Super Bowl?

2) Ed Sheeran, La Roux, Take That and Tom Odell are set to appear on the Christmas Day and New Year's Eve editions of which classic TV music show?

3) This week, Hozier and Kaiser Chiefs were added to the support bill of which mammoth outdoor gig set to take place in Ireland next May?

4) Which Barbados-born pop star was rumoured by a US radio DJ to be on the verge of releasing her eighth studio album this side of Christmas?

5) It's been a bad month for one Irish rock star in particular, with an airplane incident and a bike incident in recent weeks, and now he's been voted 'least influential' person of 2014. Who is he?

6) Which clownish musical Irish duo celebrated their self-appointed international day of celebration this week?

7) What young New Zealand singer told US TV host Jimmy Fallon that she was once mistaken for Taylor Swift's manager?

8) This former/current Irish Boy made his West End debut in the role of 'Guy' in Once this week – who is he?

9) Which boyband became the latest act to reach one billion streams on Spotify this week, joining an elite club that also include Eminem, Coldplay, David Guetta and Beyoncé?

10) Which actress inadvertently found herself in the UK's Top 30 midweek singles charts with a song from the soundtrack of her new film? [Hint: think food and famous bums]