Every Friday, we'll have a fun pop quiz on what's been happening in the world of music every week.

Who turns down an opportunity to assume a smug sense of self-importance by out-scoring your friends and colleagues on pop trivia? If you've been glued to our Music News section this week, this will be easy-peasy; all of the answers are in there. If not, well, you know what to do next week.

We'll post the answers here on Monday morning.

Good luck!

1. What Irish rock star found himself in the 'Best Villain' category when the nominations for a music awards show were announced this week?

2. Tickets for AC/DC sold out in a matter of 'minutes' when they went on sale earlier this week - but what is their lead singer's name?

3. What spoiled pop star called the leak of her new material "artistic rape" and "a form of terrorism" earlier this week?

4.This American R&B star surprised fans by releasing his new album 'Black Messiah' on a whim during the week. What is his name?

5. One songwriting legend made headlines recently when he performed for just one man as part of a Swedish TV show - who?

6. The biggest-selling Christmas album of all time in America was recently announced, and it's not by Elvis, Mariah Carey or Josh Groban. Which curly-haired musician (and butt of many music-related jokes) has outsold all of the above?

7. Green Day, Lou Reed and a number of other acts were announced as the 2015 inductees into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame - but what is the main criteria for an act's inclusion?

8. Ireland's answer to Mumford and Sons, Hudson Taylor, announced the release of their debut album 'Singing for Strangers' next month. But what is the duo's relationship?

9. Ben Haenow was crowned winner of The X Factor on Sunday night. What is his single called, and (bonus point) what band originally recorded it?

10. Which member of The Beatles will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Recording Academy in February?