For such an outwardly modest guy, Dave Grohl has a lot to be proud of. Not content with being the ex-drummer of one of the most important bands in history, he now fronts a group that's comfortably assumed membership of rock's premier league. Thankfully this excellent double album, divided into rock and acoustic sections, suggests that the stubbly veteran is still a long way from losing his creative appetite. The first half is throbbing guitars as usual, with plenty of catchy, air-punching anthems that should keep the moshpit happy. The second disc is less consistent but arguably more interesting, containing probably the most personal songs that Grohl's ever written - including a jazzy collaboration with Norah Jones and, Nirvana fans will be interested to hear, a touching ode to Kurt Cobain penned during the band's early days. If he's looking down on his old mate now, the old misery-guts should be very proud.