Finley Quaye is a fully paid-up member of that unfortunate group of artists who produce an excellent first album and then spend years trying in vain to repeat the feat. The temperamental Londoner became an instant star with the sunny reggae-pop of the million-selling Maverick A Strike, but that was a full five years ago - and Much More Than Much Love shows just how far his star has fallen. Perhaps mindful of how his hell-raising antics have damaged his public image, a more mature Quaye has opted for a more downbeat approach here, mixing relaxed vocals against a backdrop of gentle guitars and folky arrangements. It's perfectly pleasant, but also perfectly bland - if these vaguely spiritual love songs were any more laid-back, they'd be horizontal. The sad reality is that in forcing himself to chill out, Quaye has lost the sense of danger that made him so appealing in the first place. If he really wants to be a player again, he needs to start taking a few more risks.