'We haven't misspelt 'whose' on our new EP cover', the latest Fight Like Apes press release declares, 'we have decided to reinvent the English language'. It's an attitude that typifies the Dublin quartet's amusingly tongue-in-cheek peculiarities, and one that would probably set them up for a fall if they weren't so bloody good. 'David Carradine..' is the synth-grungers' second EP, and although it doesn't have the same bushwhack effect as their excellent debut did, it's a sophomore offering to relish. Do You Karate?'s rude buzz-rock-bass-thump is an exquisite opener; uber-catchy ode to fish and chips, Canhead, is a neat, jerky, burst of whimsical brilliance; electro-heavy track Accidental Wrong Hole is succinctly aggressive, while standout Snore Bore Whore is proof that born-to-be-a-star singer MayKay can do pastoral as well as blow-your-eardrums-out cacophony. They might look like they don't care either way, but Fight Like Apes are going to be stars.