The 19 million year old creature has been given the official name Jaggermeryx naiad, which means 'Jagger's Water Nymph'.

Mick Jagger has created another little bit of history after the recently discovered fossilised remains of a creature described as being similar to a "long-legged pig" has been named after him.

Ellen Miller, associate professor at Wake University, announced the discovery in the Journal of Paleontology and named the species after one of her favourite bands.

"I'm a huge Stones fans", she said. Explaining the reasoning for choosing the name, she added that the creature had a "highly innervated muzzle with mobile and tactile lips".

"We imagine [its] lifestyle was like that of a water deer, standing in water and foraging for plants along the river bank", explains Miller.

Whether or not the creature moved like Jagger is, apparently, still open to debate.

(via NBC)