Against all expectations, Emma Bunton is turning out to be by far the most resilient of the Spice Girls. That's probably because while Mel C and Victoria Beckham desperately try to chase every musical bandwagon going, Baby Spice has had the good sense to stick to the same plastic pop formula that made the Girls so popular in the first place. And when the results are as enjoyable as they are here, why should we complain? Free Me is essentially a respectful homage to the classic sound of Motown, complete with soul stylings, camp 60s pastiches and most importantly, plenty of hummable melodies. It's not exactly life-changing stuff, but it's all perfectly pleasant and at least reflects some of the fun that Bunton clearly had in making it. The critics may sneer, but as long as people want to hear light, unchallenging pop music, there'll be a place for this ever-smiling Baby.