'Jimmy Kimmel Live' has returned to Brooklyn this week, with Eminem embracing his anti-hero to perform 'Venom'. 

In what can only be described as nothing short of epic, rapper Eminem climbs all of the way to the top of the Empire State Building in New York doing what he does best. Clearly still not tired of milking his 'Venom' song from Sony's anti-hero movie, the rapper embraced his dark side for the video. Featuring epic helicopter shots, and street level New Yorkers revelling in the light display high up above them, we think Tom Hardy would approve.

The video was one big advertisement however - along with performing the track from his latest album, and singing 'Venom' over and over again to promote Sony's flick, apparently part of the footage was shot on Google's upcoming smartphone Google Pixel 3.

It turns out Google are also sponsoring the whole week of Kimmel in anticipation for their release, so hopefully we can expect other considerable ideas later in the week too, with guests Bryan Cranston and John Krasinski expected to drop by. 

Watch Eminem go full on 'Venom' below: