What's up with Elton John? First, he calls the media 'pigs', then he lashes out at Madonna for miming on stage. Now comes his new album, on which he spends most of the time apologising to some unknown person for some unknown misdemeanour. The good thing about Peachtree Road (named after the Atlanta studio in which it was recorded) is that it proves that Versace's most valuable customer is still capable of writing great songs. The worst thing about it is that he still can't seem to manage more than three per album. For every five minutes of gorgeous, country-tinged piano balladry here, there's fifteen minutes of AOR sludge that'll have even the most dedicated fan scurrying back to Elton's recent Greatest Hits collection. So, another frustratingly inconsistent effort from one of pop's most frustratingly inconsistent artists - no change there, then.