So there you have it, Electric Picnic is done for another year - and what better way to cap the weekend than with two of the best sets of the weekend?

I'm going to show my age here a little bit but I last saw Beck play live fourteen years ago last week and it's fair to say that Mr. Hansen hasn't lost a step in that time. Sure, there are a few extra winkles (on both parties, to be fair) but he hasn't lost one iota of the voice, presence or sheer 'cool' factor that he effortlessly exudes. 

Opening with 'Devil's Haircut', Beck flew through twenty or so songs from his impressive catalogue with newbies from his recent release Morning Phase mixed in with old favourites like 'Loser', 'Where It's At', 'Sexx Laws' and 'The New Pollution'. Top class stuff from a top class performer.

If you asked ten people coming to Electric Picnic to list off the acts they were looking forward to this weekend, we're pretty sure that nine of them would mention Outkast among them. It's been a long time coming for Big Boi and Andres 3000, both absent from the live arena for many a year. The announcement that their hiatus was to end, albeit briefly, set pulses souring and an Electric Picnic date among their forty-odd festival dates this summer seemed inevitable. 

If their intense touring schedule has taken its toll on the two of them, it didn't come across on stage. Opening with 'B.O.B.', the crowd was immediately on their side from the off and didn't let up until everyone (the band included) was out on their feet. If Electric Picnic had a roof, 'Hey Ya' would have blown it clean off. Our eardrums may never recover...

That's it for another year here in Stradbally. It's back to a normal life, with comfy beds, warm showers, kettles and all the other comforts that you come to miss in this mini-village we've found ourselves in. Still though, we've become accustomed to the chaos out here. Another excellent year, filled to the brim with excellent music, food and people.

See you in twelve months!